With a keen eye for branding and business, Nectar Atlanta is a team of brand architects. With similar technique, we plan, build, and design the strategy brands use to thrive. Each strategy is crafted to be so eye-catching that it captures audiences, listeners, and customers for a lifetime. 

Nectar Atlanta has one specialty - authencity. We use the essence of authentic relationships as the main ingredient in our brand strategies.  Artists want more fans, and brands want more  engagment, which are both a byproduct of our specialty - authenticity.

Around the fall of 2016, we began our platform in order to master event marketing, and create the perfect show. While on the journey to do so, our agency realized the importance of branding for artists and brands of those shows. In response, we made it our mission to assist artists in leveraging strategies in exchange for longevity, professionalism, and community. Without this, artists leave markets untapped, supporters unconnected, and art underrepresented. We have designed services that provide clients with the power to create remarkable  projects, innovative events, and brands that withstand the test of time. Each services employes a client-custom strategy with tailored products and services that will set an impactful tone.

Since inception, our team has curated over 10 events, designed campaigns for over 30 artists, and connected innumerable fans to the music. Our goal is to service a network of enterprising creatives and professionals as they create successful brands, and everyday we're becoming one step closer.

What I look for in music is artistry, sincerity, and simplicity... I want to make a connection to the creator.
— Steve Vai