Nectar Atlanta team sets out to add art into business. 

With a specialty in digital campaign marketing and performance branding, Nectar Atlanta creates custom blueprints for artists and labels looking to establish a legacy.  Our team designs captivating marketing strategies for clients based on a custom blueprint we design for their brand. The ideal Nectar Atlanta client is looking to build digitally and physically poignant brands.

Around the fall of 2016, we began our platform with event curating and music management. Our agency realized very early on the importance of elite branding within the art of music. So in response, we made it our mission to assist artists in leveraging strategies that would achieve a desirable brand. Without this, artists leave markets untapped, supporters unconnected, and art underrepresented. However, we have designed over 15 services that provide clients with the power to create remarkable  projects, innovative events, and brands that withstand the test of time. 

Using one client-custom strategy at a time, we tailor products and services that will set the tone for impactful projects, singles, performances, and collaborations.

Nectar Atlanta was established just over one year ago. During this time, the team has curated 5 events and designed campaigns for over 20 artists. Our goal is to service a network of enterprising creatives and professionals as they create successful brands.

What I look for in music is artistry, sincerity, and simplicity... I want to make a connection to the creator.
— Steve Vai