Meet The Artists

Meet the super-group of EPIC performers, the Fall '17 Class of Nectar Atlanta.

Nectar Atlanta Artist - Gold Aura Guru

Gold AURA GURU, [gohld] [aw-Ruh] [goo roo]

When Gold Aura Guru plays, you’re instantly reminded of the first time you were put on 'game'. The liberating feeling you get from hearing a greater perspective on life, that’s what Guru represents. Whenever you hear a Guru project, you’ll notice two things: the raw honesty and the vulnerable self-expression. In order to share his perspective, Guru reminisces on his past experiences and gives us parts of his spirit on each track. His storytelling abilities come tightly packed with bouncy punchlines, proverbial metaphors, and his charismatic flow. Guru doesn’t waste words, using each track as an opportunity to show his raw talent and potential. Next time you're riding in the car, let his debut mixtape ‘MotorCityMagick’ play the whole way.


NEILA, /nÊāila/


One day we'll tell our children about the story of Neila, the siren of stages. We’ll reminisce on her live concerts and try to describe the thrilling feeling we got each time she performed. That’s how captivating Neila’s sound and shows are. After listening to her singles 'Digital' and 'Badmon' , it’s obvious each of her melodies could serenade the strong and entice the extraordinary. If you aren’t familiar, take a listen to her last EP ‘Level 1’ to get acquainted. Working more diligently than ever, the anticipation is at a tipping point waiting for her next project to drop. Knowing Neila, not only will it be worth the wait, it will be come packed with vivdly-written tunes and extraterrestrial feels!


coley, koʊli


Watching Coley Xavier on stage? prepare to wholeheartedly receive each word spoken. Coley gives you pieces of brutal honesty and enlightening perspectives ready for consumption. It seems that Coley may hand pick each word in his verses, just to offer his listeners a chance at liberation; making it a honor to be apart of his audience. In each of his poetic and rhythmical verses, he intentionally brings us closer to reality with a message you cannot ignore. Take his single ‘Greed Money’ for example, where Coley nourishes your mind and soul with a wealth of knowledge in just ONE minute and 18 seconds. His didactic style of rapping will consume you live, but even if aren’t ready to be liberated on a Saturday night; no worries, his cadence and flow will still excite you.


YUNG BABY TATE, [yuhng] [bey-bee] [teyt]

There could never be another extraordinaire like Yung Baby Tate, on stage or off. Sparkling and radiating throughout, Tate gives stand-out performances in each show she graces. To see the evolution of Yung Baby Tate in such a short period of time has been stunning and powerful. She has emerged as a dynamic powerhouse songstress and producer (even rapper!). Now, mountains of anticipation are building for her next project, ‘ROYGBIV 2’. While this project is set to be released in November 2017, Tate just released a new single 'WTFISUP?!' and has lined up performances that you must see. If you haven't' seen YBT live, her performances will draw you near and you'll be captivated by her flirtatious and exciting stage presence. Whether at one of her shows or at home in your room, the inviting melodies supplied by Tate will have you dancing along, singing out loud, and in permanent excitement.

IMG_4258 - Copy.jpg

BOREGARD. bohr [gahrd]

BOREGARD.  performances are a must. He’s a true renaissance man, who sharpens his artistry and allure down to one kick ass performance. BOREGARD. has mastered the switch-up, one of the most important components to his x-factor. Each time giving you a new BOREGARD. but remaining true to his wildly creative and vibrant style. On his more melodic tracks like ‘Margarita’,  BOREGARD. will have you breaking sweats from dancing so much. On the other hand, BOREGARD. is no stranger to the fast-pace, crucial bangers. He embodies versatility down to his style, flow, and production. He really may be the rap game’s Bo Jackson.


JAZZ INGRAM, [jaz] [ing-gruh m]

Jazz, The Baby Bottle Dad, is here to bring you a soundtrack for the coolest summer day spent outside on the ‘green box’. There isn’t one category Jazz can be boxed into, just know he’ll make you dance and make you feel insanely good. When you see Jazz on stage, his sets allow you to leave your comfort zone to truly enjoy yourself. Jazz, the established ‘Wild Card Hero’, is a beacon of light and energy who comes to the stage to personify the connection between music and self.


NOGUM HUNDO, [noh] [guhm] [hon-doh]

Crunk can’t be dead, because we have NoGum Hundo, the Gap Tooth Truth here to stay. Hundo, the southern, rachet disciple has descended upon us with honest and raunchy lyrics that will have you rocking, fighting, and reminiscing. On every track, Hundo authentically spits what you’d been longing to hear. Each time he candidly reminds you to keep it real with yourself (while checking you and everyone listening, when necessary!) By offering subtle motivations through his projects and performances, Hundo represents what we all aspire to be -- proud of ourselves. Hundo gives us a refreshing chance to support all out genuinity, and the chance to get piped up at each and every one of his shows.


bando beats,   /bando/ [beets]

The Bando Beatz collective is on their way to becoming a master group of timeless artists. Their quality of sound and production is the result of dedication. It is this dedication to quality that will allow Bando Beatz to become pioneers, whose sounds will introduce a new era. In that era, to have "Bando Beatz quality" will be a measurement of top-tier artistry. Their combined artistic expertise transforms songs into innovative creations. While giving us hard-hitting bangers, soul-speaking records, and soothing mood-music, Bando Beatz effortlessly diversifies and aces albums. Completed by Cheihk, Cheese, and Pacman, the Bando Beatz trifecta is continuously perfecting the sound, solidifying their long-lasting legacy through the music.


SWNKY,  [swang-kee] 

SWNKY is an aux-cord verified, one-of-a-kind artist. He’s guaranteed on the soundtrack of any real lituation, with songs like ‘Number$’ and ‘Safari’ (with Sammy K). Giving us continuously dynamic bops to simply enjoy life to, SWNKY masters the sound of ‘the wave’. He banks it all on his genuine style, which give his singles and projects a naturally, smooth flow. Plus, he has every intention remaining true to his exciting and fun sound. After listening to his most recent project, 'Trapical', you'll find yourself jumping in a house party in the Pacific Ocean before the first track is over. Play it when you’re ready to have fun, and play it when your ready to let go. Each of his high energy songs and melodic raps remind you that there are no real rules when you’re being yourself, taking you right to doing whatever the hell you desire.